HBA welcomes applications from entrepreneurs who are raising equity funds typically in the range £50k to £250k to grow their businesses

Entrepreneurs must be graduates of or connected with the University of Reading or Henley Business School.

Being connected means being one of the following:

  • A graduate of the University (that includes Henley Business School)
  • A present/past delegate or participant on any course held by the University
  • A tenant of the University’s Thames Valley Science Park
  • An employer of a graduate of the University or a recruiter from the University
  • A present/past participant on the Innovation Catalyst Accelerator Programme hosted by VitalSix, a partner of Henley Business School
  • A collaborator with University in R&D
  • A knowledge transfer partner of the University
  • An employee of or supplier to the University
  • A partner of the local business growth hub

The support provided to entrepreneurs is not only financial. HBA also provides mentoring and access to other services and networks.

HBA offers a range of resources and answers to the questions that all entrepreneurs will at some point ask. A list of the resources and frequently asked questions can be found at Resources and FAQs.

Entrepreneurs seeking finance are invited to apply and submit via the ‘Apply for Funding’ link opposite.

Before applying entrepreneurs need to:

  • Check they are connected with the University of Reading or Henley Business School
  • Have a well-constructed business plan which identifies a need for investment, how much is required and how the money is to be used
  • Provide details of the management team, track record and reasons why they can deliver the business plan, as well as show what investment they have made in the business
  • Disclose financial projections and evidence same with underlying assumptions
  • Include details of their IP and strategy to protect and develop their IP
  • Specify the PMV of their business and how this has been determined
  • Describe a clear exit strategy
  • Share their pitch deck and cap table

Entrepreneurs’ attention is brought to the Entrepreneurs’ Terms and Conditions governing investment by members. By applying to HBA the Entrepreneur is deemed to have read and accepted the Entrepreneur Terms and Conditions.

Applications to HBA are reviewed by a panel that considers the application against a range of investment criteria. The entrepreneur will be invited for interview only if it is felt the entrepreneur’s business meets these criteria and is investment ready and therefore in a good position to receive investment. HBA cannot guarantee the entrepreneur will receive investment, but the HBA team will help the entrepreneur with expert advice and introductions to other sources of finance.

Are you a business angel investor or looking to become one?

Membership is by application. Persons applying should have or wish to have a connection with the University of Reading and Henley Business School and will actively contribute to our process. To learn more, please read our section for investors.

Still have questions?

Take a look at our resources and FAQs pages

If you think that you meet the investment criteria as set out in this section and you would like to apply to HBA for funding, we will be delighted to receive your application.

Please submit your application with supporting documents, including your business plan, via the ‘Apply for Funding’ link. The link will take you to a form, which you will need to complete and submit. Please note that you will be asked to include a short video clip to support your application.

If you have any difficulties submitting your company details, please refer to the following guide or contact us by emailing Clare Stratford on clare.stratford@vitalsix.co.uk