Henley Business Angels welcomes applications from entrepreneurs who are raising equity funds typically in the range of £50k to £500k to grow their businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking seed equity finance and are connected to Henley Business School, the University of Reading, or are based in the Thames Valley Area, Henley Business Angels would be delighted to receive an application from you.

Henley Business Angels offers a range of support to entrepreneurs, not only financial, including an Investment Readiness Workshop during which entrepreneurs receive talks from various speakers ranging from entrepreneurs who have successfully raised seed finance and their top tips, to Henley Business Angels members sharing their reasons for investing, to supporters and sponsors providing expert advice on matters relating to banking, accounting IP, legal and more. As a network, HBA provides a wide range of resources and answers to questions that all entrepreneurs will at some point ask. A list of resources and frequently asked questions can be found on our Resources and FAQs pages. 

Since Henley Business Angels’ establishment in 2016, our members have invested approximately £1.9 million in almost 40 companies, including KYMIRA, Snaffling Pig, OKKO Health, Extend Robotics, Scalpel and Nix & Kix. Our members are currently in discussion with several other companies, exploring interest in making an investment, boding well for entrepreneurs seeking finance. Applications for our September round are now open.

Entrepreneurs that wish to find out more about Henley Business Angels and discuss raising funds can contact the team at entrepreneurs@henleybusinessangels.com.

Entrepreneurs seeking finance are invited to apply and submit via our online application form here.

Before applying, entrepreneurs need to:

  • Check they are connected with the University of Reading or Henley Business School

Being connected means being one of the following:

  • A graduate of the University (that includes Henley Business School)
  • A present/past delegate or participant on any course held by the University
  • A founder who is introduced to the network by a Henley Business Angels member or affiliate
  • A tenant of the University’s Thames Valley Science Park
  • An employer of a graduate of the University or a recruiter from the University
  • A collaborator with University in R&D
  • A knowledge transfer partner of the University
  • An employee of or supplier to the University
  • A partner of the Berkshire Business Growth Hub
  • A client of any of HBA’s partners and sponsors
  • The founder or CEO of a company invested in or advised by an HBA member
  • A member of the UKBAA
  • A business supported/advised or otherwise helped by University’s KTC
  • A business referred by Innovate UK through their Investor Partnerships Future Economy Programme, or any other Programme run by Innovate UK

Have the following information prepared and available for the application:

  • Have a well-constructed business plan which identifies a need for investment, how much is required and how the money is to be used
  • Details of the management team, track record and reasons why they can deliver the business plan, as well as show what investment they have made in the business
  • Financial projections and evidence same with underlying assumptions
  • Details of the company’s IP and strategy to protect and develop its IP
  • The Pre-Money Valuation (PMV) of the business and how this has been determined 
  • Description of a clear exit strategy
  • An investment deck and cap table 

Your Application

Applications to HBA are reviewed by a panel that considers the application against a range of investment criteria. Entrepreneurs will be invited for interview only if it is felt the entrepreneur’s business meets these criteria and is investment ready, ensuring the business is in a good position to receive investment. Henley Business Angels cannot guarantee the entrepreneur will receive investment, but the HBA team will help the entrepreneur with expert advice and introductions to other sources of finance.

If you think that you meet elements of our investment criteria as outlined above, but would like to discuss whether you should apply, contact the Henley Business Angels team at entrepreneurs@henleybusinessangels.com.

When you’re ready to submit your application, head to our application portal to register. Please note, you can edit your application at any time by logging into your account.

If you have any difficulties submitting your application, take a look at our step-by-step application guide. If your question is not answered in our guide, or you are still facing difficulties with your application, please contact Cait Pilkington at cait.pilkington@reading.ac.uk.

Terms and Conditions

Entrepreneurs’ attention is brought to the Entrepreneur Terms and Conditions governing investment by HBA members.

By applying to HBA you are confirming your agreement with the Entrepreneur Terms and Conditions. If, following a review of your eligibility, HBA accepts your application, the Entrepreneur Terms and Conditions come into effect and you and HBA will each be bound by them. The Terms and Conditions include (among other terms) agreement that you will pay a success fee of 5% (plus VAT at the applicable rate) to HBA on all monies invested by Members of the Network or Guests of HBA as defined under the Terms and Conditions. Please read the Entrepreneur Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding with your application.


“What I really liked about the Henley Business Angels process, which I don’t see from other angel groups, syndicates and platforms, is the full day of training through the Investment Readiness Workshop. From establishing financial readiness to getting pitch-ready, I think that was really, really useful. The ability to do a practice pitch with the HBA team beforehand was also great. It allowed us to make sure we were completely ready to pitch to members and to make sure everything we included was relevant.”

Charlie Rosier, CEO and Co-Founder of Babbu


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