HBA exists because of its members, who support entrepreneurs through the combination of investing and mentoring.


HBA is always delighted to hear from business leaders, self-made entrepreneurs, self-certified high net worth persons or existing angel investors who would fulfill the role of investor. If you are interested in finding out more about HBA and becoming a member we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our business angel investors represent a cross section of business leaders from the communities of the University of Reading, including successful entrepreneurs and MDs/CEOs, partners, chairmen and NEDs of private and public companies.

For those who are new to business angel investing there are good reasons to become a business angel investor and to invest.

Why become a business angel investor?

First and foremost business angels are genuinely interested in helping start-up and early stage companies to grow. Of course they are also seeking a return on their investment both time and money. Investments can qualify for tax relief which is very generous under the SEIS and EIS schemes.

Business angel investors usually stay with a company over several years and through several fund raising rounds before exiting.

Becoming a HBA offers several benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to connect with University of Reading and Henley Business School entrepreneurs, encapsulating both current students and our entrepreneur graduates (including those in the Henley Start-Up Business Incubator)
  • Access to carefully selected investment opportunities from Henley Business School and University of Reading entrepreneurs, who are seeking investment and support for their business venture
  • Invitation to a full programme of events held at the Henley Business School throughout the year, including:
    • regular ‘themed’ breakfast meetings;
    • a selection of University of Reading and Henley Business School conferences, such as Engaging Business Presentations and Business Leaders Lectures;
    • regular events hosted by the University of Reading Entrepreneurship Society;
    • ‘Talks on Enterprise Development’, a series of events featuring CEOs of high growth businesses as guest speakers
Why invest?

Investing in start-up and early stage businesses can be very attractive for the business angel in terms of realising a financial return on investment (though please note that there is no guarantee). Other attractions of investing include personal satisfaction of helping a business to grow and building one’s knowledge and experience.

In making a decision to invest, the business angel needs to consider what they want from an investment and how much time they can devote to the various activities involved with investing.

For more information, read the guide prepared by the UKBAA.

Click here to download the HBA Application Form and here to download the Membership Terms and Conditions. Please note that one of the conditions of membership is the payment of an annual fee of £300, which covers the following costs:

  • catering and hosting of our company presentation events
  • an annual dinner, to which all members are invited
  • website maintenance
  • marketing materials
  • legal charges (eg intellectual property, contracts and advice)
  • finance (eg compiling and reporting of accounts for HBA Ltd)
  • administration of the investment platform and entrepreneur applications
Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you have a compelling business idea? If so, please read our section for entrepreneurs. Once you have done so, get in touch by either submitting your executive summary or contacting Jurek Sikorski.

To apply to join HBA as an investor download and complete the application form and return to Jurek Sikorski at

Your application will be reviewed in confidence and you will receive a reply to inform you of the outcome.