Sharesy, a Venue-Hire Platform for Local Communities, Receives Investment from Henley Business Angels Members

Sharesy, a Venue-Hire Platform for Local Communities, Receives Investment from Henley Business Angels Members

Sharesy, an organisation revolutionising the venue-hire marketplace platform for community spaces, has received investment from Henley Business Angels contributing towards a funding round of £950k. Sharesy has since extended the fundraise to £1.5m, thus making a further £550k available to oversubscribe the round.

Sharesy has addressed the problem customers face when booking community spaces, whilst supporting underfunded and underutilised venues to generate new revenue streams. There are approximately 73,000 schools, places of worship and community centres across the UK and customers often have to approach them individually, requiring several time-consuming interactions and inconvenient payment options such as deposits. The venues also struggle, with many suffering from a limited marketing presence and a lack of commercial experience to utilise the space effectively.

Sharesy solves these issues with its booking platform, which shows the real-time availability of venues and offers customers a simple, streamlined process for making bookings. Venues have substantially boosted their booking revenue since partnering with Sharesy, with top-performing venues earning over £5k per month.

The company is currently operating in the North London area but has plans to expand rapidly across the UK and even internationally, with an estimated £1.6b untapped market for venue-hire in community spaces. Using the investment, Sharesy plans to continue supporting its London growth with a focus on scaling the team and developing the online platform to further support the customer experience.



Felix Atkin, the Founder and CEO of Sharesy, spoke positively about the investment news, stating: “I am delighted to have raised funds from HBA’s experienced investors. As an alumnus of the University of Reading, I am particularly proud to have the connection through HBA and we are already exploring ways to collaborate further.”

Jurek Sikorski, Founder and Director of HBA, added: “Sharesy attracted a lot of interest from HBA because it addresses the opportunity of underutilised spaces and simultaneously affords scope for rapid and significant growth, replicating the success the company has achieved in North London. We see Sharesy being the default go to platform for booking community spaces.”



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